Meet the brand and marketing consultant that helps you...

Generate more demand for your food & beverage brand

If you're a CPG food or alcohol brand, I'll help you stand out from the competition with an experience that sells more of your products.

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My singular focus is to make your marketing perform better.

I know it can be frustrating to have big goals for your company and feel bogged down by marketing that isn’t working well.

It’s never been harder for food and beverage brands to achieve marketing success than now in 2023, where unprofitable ads with skyrocketing costs are forcing you to re-think your approach.

But where do you allocate your resources? What do you focus on? With a tighter budget, how do you know what you decide is the right call?

That’s where I come in.

"Working with Allan has been invaluable for The Butcher Shoppe, as we launched our direct-to-consumer channel. Allan's guidance and creative talents helped us chart our path as we defined what an end consumer values differently than a wholesale customer.  His comprehensive plan took consideration for our unique abilities and opportunities.

Thanks to his innovative ideas and insights, we were able to reach a new audience of consumers without disrupting valued partnerships. Overall, I highly recommend Allan to any company looking to build or grow their business through a direct-to-consumer channel, as his passion, expertise, and dedication are truly unmatched."

Stacey Weisberg

President of The Butcher Shoppe

Here's how I've helped my clients market more profitably

Certain growth stages are better for marketing optimization than others - these are the three that benefit most from my work

Selling direct to consumer (D2C)

Whether you have experience as an up-and-coming brand or you’re a wholesaler looking to sell D2C for the first time, create and maximize more lucrative sales channels –  your website and email.

Differentiation in the market

As a food and beverage company, you have to stand out online, but also on retail shelves and in-person. A unique brand identity is how I can help set you apart from the ever-increasing competition. 

Customer marketing

Delight your customers with memorable, unique experiences and watch word of mouth spread, leading to longer buying relationships, increased referrals, and more.

Helping organizations like yours deliver outstanding food & beverage projects

In all scenarios, you should want:

To repeatedly and reliably grow your revenue, without burning money on ads.

To prioritize a remarkable customer experience that boosts referrals and lifetime customer value (LTV).

A strategic partner who amplifies your marketing efforts, generating quality traffic and leads that turn into customers.

Marketing leadership that challenges the status quo

My name is Allan Glanfield. I love solving marketing problems and guiding teams to win with their strengths.

I’ve had the privilege of helping establish and grow brands in various sectors such as food & beverage, wine & spirits, cannabis, and hospitality. 

How? By helping them stand out from the competition while building a profitable marketing department.

Are you next?

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