Your brand/product/service humanized

Video Marketing Foundation

A straightforward, step-by-step approach to your video marketing strategy. We’ll get to know you and your brand, build a tailored plan, then set clear expectations around price, timeline, and execution. Transparent. Jargon-free. 100% human.

eCommerce (Shopify) Upgrades

A great product deserves a well-executed website to support it. Our eCommerce specialists will work with you to upgrade your website using our content-first approach. Once we’ve determined how content will play a roll on your website, we build everything around it and leverage the power of Shopify to create a better customer experience.

Video Marketing

behind the scenes and beyond

1. Deep-dive brand discovery

This is where we get to know each other. Our friendly team will do a deep dive into your business, objectives, target market, and existing content.

2. Custom video strategy

During this hosted strategy session, we’ll collaborate on a customized video marketing blueprint. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what videos are needed, how to structure each video, and how to use them across your marketing channels.

* This is when we provide you with our pricing to execute on our strategy. *

* You will always have the option to take your Strategy Blueprint and shoot the video content yourself. *

3. Planning & filming

Whether you need a half-day shoot or full, b-roll or product stills, our team comes up with a game plan beforehand so your shoot is efficient, effective, and aligned with your vision for the project.

4. Editing & delivery

Here’s where the Bellwether X magic happens. We’ll take all your footage back to our studio to polish and prepare it for the various parts of your blueprint. All deliverables will be sent to you for final review and sign-off.

5. Deployment & results monitoring

Your strategy doesn’t end after we create your videos. Our team will optimize your videos for search engines, YouTube, your website, and social media, always monitoring and reporting on performance.

6. Looking for more?

Leverage the power of our Creative Collective Partners


It's the best way to make a lasting connection with your market online. Matching the power of people with the power of video can lead to exponential results for your business.

59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post

200-300% potential increase in CTR for emails with video, 80% increase in conversions for landing pages with video

90% of customers say product videos help them make purchasing decisions or buy online

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eCommerce Upgrade

A great product deserves a beautiful home

1. A tailored makeover strategy

Show us everything you got! Tell us your hopes and dreams for your product—your vision for the future. We’ll put together a custom approach to enhancing your eCommerce experience.

2. Customized Shopify site themes

Our team can take your out-of-the-box Shopify theme from sorta nice to very sexy, including site branding and essential app integrations for better site speed, customer experience, and analytics.

3. Stunning product video & photos

Get the high-quality photography and video that your product (and customers) deserve. We’ll build engaging hero videos that draw the eye, 360-degree product videos, and unboxing clips. It’s the perfect way for customers to quickly get to know you.

4. Website messaging that customers can connect with

Our expert copywriters specialize in eCommerce brands. From your website copy to post-purchase emails, we’ll bring your product and brand to life through engaging, people-first messaging that delights customers while  driving sales and conversion.

5. Paid advertising and traffic Strategy

We’ll create content that you can use across all your channels to support paid traffic and retargeting strategies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t know where to start? We can help.

Get started with eCommerce by getting in touch with our team

Let’s see if the stars align. At Bellwether X, getting to know each other is our first order of business. Let’s talk about your project, get a feel for fit and form, and answer any questions you have about the next step.