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Helping you build a human connection with your customer

What we do

Cornerstone content to hang your hat on (and your audience will love)

From physical products to specialized services, niche companies to established ecommerce brands, our team has the expertise to audit your existing marketing spread, understand where you want to take your brand, and then build a detailed video marketing strategy to help you get there.

Video marketing Foundation

Strategize, scope, and create your foundational mix of video marketing assets, then map that content to your strategic marketing initiatives. Our specialty is forming content foundations that will not only drive traffic and sales, but build a culture and lifestyle around your product, your service, your brand.

eCommerce (Shopify) Upgrades

Our team takes a content-first approach to your Shopify website development. We identifying the compelling stories that drive engagement and conversion within the eCommerce space, then build your site around that cornerstone content.

Benefits of video marketing

Make meaningful connections with your target audience throughout the funnel

Improve SEO, drive quality traffic to your website and keep visitors engaged

Build a consistent and relatable brand across all of your digital marketing channels

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How we do it

We’d like to share a little secret …

People want to love you, they really do. But they won’t buy you if they don’t connect with what you stand for. After all, your brand is different and so is your story. Shouldn’t your approach to marketing be, too?

Enter the Bellwether X approach, heavily focused on video. Why video? They say a video is worth millions of words. In one short clip, you have the ability to quickly capture attention, build trust, and cultivate a human connection with your brand. Done right, these videos can be an evergreen foundation for your brand, to be consumed and repurposed across channels long after the director yells “cut!”  

That’s the power of video. And that’s why, before we capture one second of footage, or shoot a single product photo, we get to know your brand’s DNA—that unique “special sauce” that people connect with most. We look at intention before we try to capture attention. 

Because we believe the companies who put people first win.

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